Collective neighbourhood

Old cinema studio territory is converted into sustainable residential quarter with a commercial block facing the main street. Territory is divided in a grid, where squares became closed dwelling blocks or open plazas. System of various public spaces such as: urban squares, sport fields, playgrounds, open green fields and forest are connected with network of streets and paths. Private patios inside dwelling blocks and intimate roof terraces are contrary to open lively public spaces. Smart management of waste, energy, insulation and water creates environmentally friendly lifestyle. Collective neighborhood is a peaceful and comfortable living in a green.

Type: Honourable mentioned project in a design competition
Location:  Nemencines pl.4, Vilnius, Lithuania
Size: 6ha
Client: Real estate developer MG Valda
Date: 2008
Team: Justina Muliuolyte, Tadas Jonauskis, Antanas Jonauskis


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