Lukiskiu Square

Park of Lukiškės is a project suggesting how to create a new design for the Lukiškių square in Vilnius. Currently the square has a static, non functional layout which should be changed into an attractive recreational space.

The Park of Lukiškė project suggests keeping and enhancing the green space qualities. Lukiškių square is changed into a diverse park with three main areas: representative urban square next to the man city avenue, open grass lawn for activities in the middle, and recreational surrounding park, with distinct intimate spaces – park rooms. Plantation, flowers, pavement and furniture create unique program and atmosphere in each room of the park.

The new Park of Lukiškės offers variety of ways to recreate, rest, sit, wait, and play. Active public space enhances opportunities for citizens to meet and communicate.


Type: Public space design for Lukiskiu Square
Park of Lukiškės / Lukiškių Parkas
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
Date: 2010 December
Size: 4,1 ha
Client:  Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolyte, Martynas Marozas


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