Academy village

Academy village is a new university campus of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Preserved historical gunpowder warehouses together with iconic contemporary architecture located in natural environment – all that forms outstanding identity of the new campus. Backbone of the project is a network of public spaces connecting faculties, administration, self-learning classes and concert halls. Functional layout, diversity of outdoor and indoor spaces creates study environment, which stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration and creativity.

Legacy of the past in the new campus structure

Preservation of historical layers was a key element, which determined new structure of the campus. Old gunpowder warehouses, military barracks, stables, church is transformed and reused for the university purposes. New faculties and concert hall buildings fill the gaps in between the old structures. Real urban city character is created by diversity of scales, shapes, volumes and materials. Furthermore existing terrain, trees, open meadow and view to the hills and city panoramas are not interrupted and destroyed.

Social University

Different learning concept is proposed in the new Music and Theatre academy campus with a very dynamic learning environment. All buildings in the campus have a lot of common spaces, which encourage spontaneous encounters, communication, and collaboration between different discipline students. Major advantage of the new campus is a self-learning building open for students 24 hours every single day. Cinema hall, library, archives, museum, sound and image centre, rooms for individual and group learning, rooms for rehearsals, open and closed silent rooms – all fits in the self-learning building.

Diversity of ground floor and outdoor public spaces

Two systems connect all the campus buildings: outdoor spaces and a network of indoor ground floor halls and passages. The indoor halls are spacious, diverse in volume and light, with lounge and coffee break areas.

Wide range of outdoor public spaces is an important quality for students who usually have to rehearse and train a lot. There is always a possibility to go outdoors, to move, chat, and to rest your body and mind. There are narrow streets and passages, open meadow, courtyards and major square in the campus. The square is a natural centre of the campus, as all building has their entrances to it. Flows of people create very active public space. Original terrain is kept in the square. Terraces, stairs, benches, shading trees, plantation create high quality public space. The square is suitable for formal and informal university events and gatherings.

Functional layout

Every function and faculty in the campus is in a separate building. That creates very flexible campus layout, as all the building can be developed individually, by not interfering study life. Two faculties and concert hall building need special structural requirements therefore they are newly constructed and designed. Existing buildings are reused for administration, theory classes, self-learning building and technical rooms. Student housing is planned in a more quite environment, close to surrounding hills.


Title: Academy village
Type:  New university campus of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre design competition entry
Location:  Vilnius, Lithuania
Date: 2015
Site area:  3,3 ha
Buildings total size: 25 230 sq. m.
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolytė, Edita Gumauskaitė, Laima Čijunskaitė, Lina Savickaitė, Justina Sakalauskaitė