Atrium hotel

New business, commerce and administration district is going to be built on the 6,6 ha site in the centre of Vilnius. Nine urban blocks are proposed to develop in the territory. The blocks are located to emphasize dense profiles of the major streets and at the same time to create informal inner district public spaces. A hotel in the southern corner of the site is going to be build first.

Simple and solid, concrete cube form hotel marks the entrance to the district. Hotel’s ground floor terraces open views to the park and the modernism masterpiece – the Sports Palace.

Key feature of the hotel is its light and spacious inner courtyard – the atrium. Hotel rooms, conference spaces, restaurant, SPA and all the other functions are located around the atrium. Iconic black metal staircases lead guest from the lobby to the upper floors. Modern, but cosy, high quality  interior atmosphere is created by using natural materials (concrete, wood, metal, glass), simple forms, contrast of colours and textures.

Title: Atrium Hotel
Type: Hotel design competition
Location:  Vilnius, Lithuania
Date: 2016
Floor area:  7800 sq.meters
Client:  AB Hanner
Workshop: Results of the three days workshop to design district’s urban concept here
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolytė, Edita Gumauskaitė, Birutė Petruškaitė