Bauhaus Vitrine

Bauhaus Vitrine  is far more than just a museum. Alternative exhibition concept, inviting and changing architecture, strategic positioning in urban space, fluctuating public space and bustling street life – all that merges in the Bauhaus Vitrine –  competition proposal for a Bauhaus Dessau foundation museum in the city of Dessau, Germany.

Construction of the Bauhaus Vitrine will become an important date for the art lovers, but also for the ordinary urban citizens. Treasures and masterpieces of the 20th century German art school will be visible for the visitors and for the passers-by 24/7. Architectural volume is glazed and transparent from the Kavalierstrase side, so that the exhibition objects showcased in the thematic rooms are visible from the streets, roofs, balconies, windows of the surrounding buildings. There are number of binoculars positioned in the streets so citizens can always peek into the museum collection without entering it.

Iconic but simple museum building changes during the day, when huge full facade size curtain opens and closes to shield the fragile Bauhaus collection. At daytime the curtain closes, so that the display rooms are protected from direct sunlight. At night time the curtain opens again. Every evening a spectacular moment is created when the curtain opens up and reveals the Bauhaus collection to the city. Art, design and architecture objects become visible for everyone. Daily event becomes an attraction for tourists and Dessau citizens.

Behind the curtain, display rooms have glass wall. It allows creating controlled exhibition environment with constant temperature and humidity corresponding to international exhibiting standards.

Bauhaus Vitrine concept allows new ways of thinking about museum exposition as a whole. On one hand, objects are presented for ordinary museum visitors; on the other hand, objects are displayed for viewers looking at them from the city streets, more than 50 meters away and at the night time. Furthermore all museum function becomes part of the exhibition in the Bauhaus Vitrine. There are no hidden functions or back sides. Educational area, administration offices, workshops and logistics – all are screened to the city.


Title: Bauhaus Vitrine
Type: International design competition, project in the list of top 30 out of 830 entries, selected for the second competition phase
Location:  Dessau-Roßlau, Germany
Date: 2015
Gross floor area:  6400 sq.meters
Client:  Foundation Bauhaus Dessau
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolytė, Edita Gumauskaitė, Laima Čijunskaitė, Justė Sakalauskaitė, Rasa Ilginė, Ramunė Sanderson, Jamie Liversedge
Landscape architects: