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» Collective gardens revival
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Collective gardens revival

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The project Collective Gardens Revival proposes new approach and development vision for allotment garden communities, so called collective gardens in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Collective gardens were introduced in all Eastern European cities during soviet times and became extremely popular; however in Lithuania during the last twenty years the gardens have transformed from agricultural communities into living neighbourhoods. Particularly in Vilnius the gardens are constantly urbanizating, and that happens spontaneously, chaotically and unplanned. The project Collective Gardens Revival aims to rediscover collective gardens and offer strategies how to integrate them into urban city structure, natural environment, housing market and citizens’ community.

The project consists of comprehensive research part and design of strategic vision. The research represents history, evolution, problems and potentials of the collective gardens.  The vision proposes development principles for the urbanized and for the untouched and still natural gardens. The urban collective gardens could become living neighbourhoods where urban dense environment blends with gardening qualities. On the contrary, rural collective gardens could become alternative public parks cherishing gardening culture, amateur farms or simple rural living in the city.

The project  was done by multidisciplinary team of urbanists, architects, landscape architects, historians and sociologists.

The project Collective Gardens Revival was presented in the 6th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, May-August 2014.


Title: Collective Gardens Revival (EN), Atgaivink kolektyvinį sodą (LT)
 Research and design, exhibition
Date: 2013-2014
Location:  Allotment gardens around Vilnius, Lithuania
IABR 2014 exhibition here