Curonian delta is a new district in Šilutė, which enriches the city with new quality public spaces, functions and original identity.

Waterfront of Šyša river is the main public space of the new district. Various profiles of the bank create multiple possibilities to reach water. Renewed sawmill square links the new neighborhood with hospital district and the rest of the city. Recreational route at the southern edge of the neighborhood offers possibilities to see wild water meadows, watch birds.

Southern part of the new neighbourhood is left natural, it can be flooded. New blocks are located in between existing  trees, looking towards Nemuno delta regional park and meadows.  River waterfront is designed as a green urban public space  with grass lawns, trees, paths and flowerbeds.

New program is organized in small blocks. Such organization makes phasing of construction works flexible and easy manageable. Housing typology and architectural design varies within each block. Program in the new district creates three different character neighborhoods: the new center, waterfront and block in nature.

The biggest attraction of the district will be the new harbour. It will hold up to 80 ships and will double size of harbours of Šilutė.  Soil excavated during harbour construction works will  be recycled and used to raise land level of the surrounding blocks.


Title: Curonian delta
Type: Urban and architectural design
Proposal: Vision for urban transformation of historical sawmill
Location:  The old sawmill, Šilute, Lithuania
Date: 2014
Site area: 12 ha
Client: UAB Kintai
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolytė, Edita Gumauskaitė, Lina Bačiuskaitė, Mindaugas Karanevskis