Floating river front

Floating River Front is a strategy suggesting how to activate Dane river, by offering new platform for creative business initiatives. Backbone of the plan is multifunctional harbour, where 300 small boats fit next to floating recreational, cultural, sports, events, housing or business program.


Klaipeda is the only Lithuanian harbour, city with plenty of water, sea lagoon and rivers. However there is lack of activities along the water. Therefore, with the Floating River Front project we offer to develop a new river harbour as a space where alternative urban activities can take place.

The harbour is created by widening the river. Dane is left for navigation and rowing, while the extension of it becomes place for floating pathways and floating platforms with sport fields, cafes, hotels, sauna complexes, summerhouses, stages or any kind of other facilities. Small boats are parked in between the embankment and the floating platforms. Harbour infrastructure, such as warehouses, garages and covered berths are located on the dike. Before the winter the harbour crane takes floating platforms from the water and moves them to the embankment. During the winter activities continue on at the coast.

In summer floating program can be drifted to the lagoon, small coastal towns or the old town of Klaipeda.


The project proposes action plan how to develop the Floating River Front harbour with low budget and little first investment. The harbour is developed in phases with close collaboration of municipality and investors. The first phase can be started coming summer. The process focuses on placemaking and flexibility, the competition proposal was adaptable and feasible; therefore it became a winner.


Type: Winner of the competition
Proposal: Strategy for development – master plan and business case
Location:  Klaipėda, Lithuania
Date: 2013
Site area: 18 ha
Client: Klaipėda city municipality council
Collaboration with:  MMAP
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolytė, Martynas Marozas, Laimonas Bogušas