Gateway to delta

Gateway to delta is a strategy proposing how to activate historical part of the city, bring it closer to water and open possibilities to travel and experience region of Nemunas delta.

Šilokarčema neighbourhood becomes a place where citizens meet and relax and visitors start their trips to the delta region, learn about the water level changes, local history, traditions and entertainment possibilities.

Public spaces and places of interest are connected into a network. Most important route joing them all is Šyša river dike. It is redesigned, and changes from narrow path, to a wide boardwalk, stairs or terraces.

The old market square becomes a place where delta landscape and its characteristic floods are represented. The dike is moved further and the square is terraced. Water level variations in the region are visible in the square: the lowest part is flooded during every rain, while the highest level is under water only once in a year, during spring thaw.

The square becomes a mirror of the delta, and the neighbourhood becomes Gateway to delta.


Title: Gateway to delta
Type: Second prize in the competition
Proposal: Public space design and strategy how to bring city closer to water
Location:  Šilokarčema neighbourhood, Šilute, Lithuania
Date: 2013
Site area: 13 ha
Client: Šilutė district municipality