Market District regeneration

Klaipeda municipality is planning to create a long-term vision for the Klaipeda old market quarter transformation. The main goal is to create a strong impulse for the old market neighbourhood and for revitalization of the old town as a whole. In this case old market becomes a central axis of the entire transformation process, while stimulation, creation and facilitation of new cultural, economic & spatial dynamics is the core aim of this concept. It cannot be achieved without the participation of all current stakeholders and future users, therefore it calls for an open and interactive approach.

Pre-investment concept-definition process is divided into three stages: First, scenario development with existing & potential users, CCI representatives, local community representatives, investors and city officials. Second, creating common ground for common vision & agreeing upon the intentions and path to be taken, formulating a qualitative criteria, character & guidelines for spatial development. Last, strategic (action) plan for implementation, with concrete guidelines, responsibilities of different partners and financial assessment. ­

Usually, with such an amount of different interests, planning processes come into a halt because of poor communication, bad design solutions or just because people are against change. Therefore a rather untraditional (for Lithuania) approach was proposed for the first stage. First –  mapping all the interests, ideas, ambitions & visions, which is executed through series of interviews & informal conversations with all parties. Second – a thorough analysis of current strengths of the city. And last – identifying the users of the area & inviting personally to the workshop.

A second stage involves not only local users & potential investors, but also real estate experts, legal consultants and social advisors. A common vision for the old market quarter is aiming at formulation of qualitative criteria for future development. Vision also prioritizes upon potential pilot projects and provides input for investment assessment and a strategic (action) plan.

A strategic (action) plan will define concrete steps towards implementation, investment priorities & investment demand at different stages. It will also cover the responsibilities of different development partners and partnership model that suits best.


Type: Vision and action plan for the old market neighbourhood regeneration
Approach: Participatory planning
Location:  Klaipėda, Lithuania
Date: 2013
Site area: 8 ha
Client: Klaipėda Economic Development Agency
Collaboration: PUPA in collaboration with  MMAP
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolyte, Martynas Marozas, Ingrida Karkaliene

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