Multitalented City

Multitalented city project addresses the issue of creating new identity for old university campus on the edge of Reims city in France. Campus is transformed into a district able to sustain by its own. New district produces and consumes its energy, is flexible and able to adapt to changes – environmental, societal and economic.

Backbone of the project is five distinctive squares by routes connected into continuous public space network.  Squares create different program clusters filled with typology, scale and function to strengthen character of the square.  All these functions are bound by effective mobility system. Creating conditions to use sustainable forms of transport is an important objective of the strategy.

Balanced public space structure together with diverse program and efficient mobility create multitalented identity of Moulin de la Housse campus. District becomes a pilot project of a dynamic, flexible and sustainable future city.


Jury assessment:
The project has a great conceptual and programmatic clarity. Jury appreciated qualities of this project as it seeks to define new urban forms and programs in the form of the squares. New ways of life are interestingly integrated in the plan. Size and scale of proposed public spaces are the strengths of the project. The project is both realistic and highly original.
See the Europan11 France jury report 


Name: Multitalented City
Type: Europan competition
Location: Reims, France
Date: 2011
Site area: 70 ha
Prize: Winner
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolytė, Lukas Rekevičius


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