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» New identity for Vokiečių street
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New identity for Vokiečių street

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Vokiečių street it is one of the most recognizable public spaces in Vilnius – a green alley, which is pleasant to pass by or to watch people walking. However, hundred years ago, before it was bombed during WWII the street was full of urban life and busy merchant shops. These two identities – the green one and the urban one, are restored and highlighted by the street renovation project “Parallels”. All the pedestrian and car traffic movement are concentrated in the historical part of Vokiečių street and vibrant street character is restored, while in the sunny side of the street, along the houses from the 1970-ies, the recreation identity is strengthened with plenty of greenery and outdoor terraces.

This vision is realized by a functional transport organization that gives priority to pedestrians; a variety of functions that create a vibrant space; greenery and water management that ensure a pleasant microclimate and environment; sustainable, natural and durable materials that create a modern image; playful lighting generates coziness.

Vokiečių street becomes attractive and comfortable for everyone – residents of adjacent quarters, customers of surrounding institutions, Vilnius residents and guests of the city, people of different ages and needs.
The proposal got the third prize in an international public space design competition.

Title:  Parallels
Type: Public space design competition entry
Award: Third prize
Location:  Vilnius, Lithuania
Date: 2020
Site area: 1.7 ha
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolyte, Ruta Vitkute