School for young talents

Science, music, art schools and concert halls all together make one school for young talents in Viimsi town, Estonia. Each school program is different; therefore, the schools are kept apart as separate volumes but at the same time common ground floor spaces and halls are created for youth to meet. The new school is designed in the scale of the adjacent school. New urban plaza is created at the front. Green court is formed at the back side facing natural hill and park where many informal activities can take place and relax areas are provided for school pupils, visitors and for residents from nearby.


Title: Talent is awakened here
Type: architecture competition entry
Program: school for young talents – science, music, art schools and concert halls
Location: Viimsi, Estonia
Date: 2018
Area: 7150 sq.m.
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Ignas Rackauskas, Lukas Kulikauskas, Arturas Certovas
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