Streetscapes in Höganäs

The biggest quality of Höganäs is its great location: the city is surrounded by impressive landscapes and is very close to the greater Helsingborg-Malmö metropolitan region. Growing town needs a strategy how to manage new developments and at the same time keep natural rural qualities.

Strategy Streetscapes proposes approach how to use streets as a tool to organize city expansion, improve connectivity with the rest of the city and enhance natural qualities of the area.

Network of streets is the main public space and the stable structure of the plan. Urbanization takes place in the narrow areas along the streets that can organically grow, change, and fills over time. The strips are developed slowly with different densities that create balance and diversity of living in urban and rural atmospheres. Urbanization limited to strips along the streets gives possibility to keep qualities of the open farmland on the back side of residential areas. Each house will face both qualities: busy street and calm agriculture fields.

Different character streets have wide sidewalks, paths, playgrounds, leisure facilities and become major places for interaction. They create atmosphere of living in the city but feeling like living in the landscape.

In the Streetscapes well defined street network, dense and mixed urbanization, open farmlands and landscapes create cohesive, dynamic and flexible urban structure of the northern part of Höganäs. The city offers prime connections to major economic hubs, culture places and landscapes, combines rural and urban life qualities and therefore offers best living conditions in the region.


Name: Streetscapes
Type: Europan12 competition entry
Location: Höganäs, Sweden
Date: 2013
Site area: 24 ha
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Justina Muliuolyte