New design for the main town hall square in Kretinga represents long and rich history of the city.

During the last few decades habits of citizens have changed the way the square is used today. Big part of the square is occupied by car parking; there is lack of clear pedestrians’ organization. The new design proposes how to organize functions on the square: car parking is moved to the edges, pedestrian flows are concentrated on the main axes, additional recreational, leisure and monumental events spaces are created.

However, above all, the new design emphasises rich history of the city: foundation of old town hall and church is exposed, plantation marks boundaries of former possessions and iconic phrases and dates mark major historical events of the city.


Title: Story of the town hall square
Type: First prize in the competition
Proposal: Town hall square redevelopment in Kretinga
Location:  City center, Kretinga, Lithuania
Date: 2014
Site area: 3.5 ha
Client: Kretinga district municipality
Team: Tadas Jonauskis, Edita Gumauskaitė, Laima Čijunskaitė