To develop mobility or urban area plans is only the first step. To anticipate how these plans can evolve and be adapted – in other words, to develop a strategy and vision – is another matter entirely. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to take both of these steps.


The more varied and flexible the urban spaces and the more open the ground floors of buildings are, the more people can get involved in urban life. The city must serve the people, not the other way around. This is what we aim for with our work, which combines different functions and is tailored to different groups of users.


Urban planning is not an end in itself. In other words, only those projects can be successful that address the needs of people and communities. The needs of a block, district or town. That is why hearing and understanding people’s interests and involving them in the process is important for us. For this purpose we organise workshops, discussions, excursions and various surveys.